Vendor Portal

Collaborate with your suppliers directly on the platform and transfer the information to where you need it.

Vendor Portal

Collect supplier data and communicate with them easily and effectively on TenderBoard’s vendor portal. Remove confusion and tedious communication channels with your suppliers by managing transactions, forms, data and communication through a single system. Allow suppliers to respond and submit quotations, invoices and forms directly on the platform to reduce poor transfer of information and manual data entry.

Why Choose TenderBoard Vendor Portal?

Frictionless Supplier Onboarding

TenderBoard reduces supplier onboarding friction by making it easy and free for them to continue working with you on the platform.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Suppliers can submit qualification forms, proposals and invoices directly on the platform, eliminating the need to re-enter data. TenderBoard also supports integrations that allows data to be transferred seamlessly to where it is needed.

Single Source of Truth for all Supplier Transactions and Data

Store all your supplier transactions, data and communication on a single platform for easy retrieval, audit and performance monitoring.

Vendor Portal Features

Self-Help Portal for Suppliers

  • Streamline supplier collaboration in a single platform.
  • Reduce confusion and empower suppliers to manage their own documents.
  • Centralise supplier data, including quotations, purchase orders, invoices, and forms.
  • Simplify reporting and performance monitoring.
Self Help Features in the Vendor Portal
Supplier OnBoarding

Supplier Forms and Qualifications

  • Generate supplier forms within the system and centrally store completed forms.
  • Automate form distribution based on workflow stages or regular intervals.
  • System pre-checks and routes supplier forms for approval.
  • Access all supplier onboarding documents on the platform.
  • Send qualification forms directly to suppliers, access info without manual transfer.
  • Suppliers can interact and share info on the platform, no account needed.

Seamless Transfer of Information

  • Integration with other software tools, like Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Secure and updated transfer of supplier data between sources.
  • System updates and synchronises supplier records from TenderBoard’s Vendor Portal to external systems.

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Tenderboard is a good alternative to GeBiz and other procurement platforms in the market. The team is also open to working with users to incorporate system changes to suit internal procurement process.

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