Budget Management

Elevate your budget management by tracking budget spend in real time for accurate analysis and forecasting.

Budget management

Why Choose TenderBoard Budget Management?

Centralised & Simplified Budgeting

Centralise budget and spend management on a single platform for easy review. Easily track budget drawdown by matching budget codes to purchases.

Real Time Spend Management

Track budget spend in real time as purchase requests are raised, approved and processed.

Easy Integration

Removes manual and error-prone data entry with customised integrations. Seamlessly integrates with your accounting or ERP system for easy data transfer between the software you use.

Budget Management Features

Simplified Budget Management

  • Set the budget amount and permitted users. on the platform for each budget code.
  • Upload your budget codes into TenderBoard for assignment during the Source-to-Pay process.
  • The system will track the reserved, committed and spent amount for each budget code in real time.
simplified budget management
3 Way Match Approval in budget management

Budget Tracking through the Source-to-Pay Process

  • Ensure the selected budget is in-line with your procurement activity and track budget spend in real-time.
  • Allow users to set the appropriate budget codes when they are raising Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders, or reconciling Invoices.
  • If specified budget controllers’ approvals are required, the system can automatically route for approval before proceeding with the purchase.

Unified User Interface

  • All your budget tracking needs onto a single platform.
  • Provide procurement teams with consistent data records for future analysis and forecasting.
  • View and track purchases and budget spend together to make better decisions.
Budget Details
TenderBoard Integration

Seamless Integration for Payment

  • Integrate with your accounting system or ERP system for seamless data transfer.
  • Pull budget codes into TenderBoard to track drawdowns.
  • Or push invoices for payment processing after approvals and reconciliation.

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