Enabling Your Business and Tendering Success:

  • Participate in TenderBoard Exclusive deals
  • Track more than 30 websites and newspaper daily for deals, tenders and Request-For-Quotations (RFQs), including GeBIZ, Ariba, and Zycus
  • See past deals and review tender performance reports

Let Us Help

TenderBoard has a suite of features that help Suppliers do better in their deals and tendering. Find out more:

Effortlessly track and find deals in Singapore

  • There are more than 30 websites that publish deals, RFQs and Tenders in Singapore. Instead of spending time visiting each site every day, let us do the work and keep you updated when relevant deals are released.
  • Get automatic recommedations on deals similar to those you are interested in.
  • Never miss an opportunity again!

Business intelligence and competitive benchmarking

  • Research tender trends over the last 5 years to gain market intelligence and insight
  • Company Reports: an innovative way to track your key RFQ and Tendering performance metrics. Understand your company bidding performance like never before, and benchmarked to your closest competitors!
  • Competitor Reports: track and monitor your competitors' bidding. Study their key performance metrics and activities as you plan your company's strategy and approach.

Participate in TenderBoard Exclusive Deals

  • Buyers use our eProcurement System to purchase and source for goods and services. Gain visibility of these exclusive deals when you join our network.

Manage your online profile

  • Our company profile is designed to enhance your customer outreach efforts and can be used as an effective marketing tool.
    • Manage and invite customers to leave reviews and ratings
    • Manage profile information, including storing your collaterals, pictures, and marketing documents online
    • Invite customers to view your Private or Public profiles. Private profiles are viewable only via invitation and you are able to customize what customers see in these private profiles
    • Track your profile views

How It Works


The all important first step. Get started now!

Complete Your Profile and Keywords

Fill up as much detail as possible in your company profile so that Buyers can better understand your company. Remember to tell us your key business areas, products and services so that we can match you to relevant deals and Buyers can easily find you when they are doing their research.

Stay Updated on Deals

We keep you informed daily when relevant deals match your keywords. No more time wasted on unproductive searches for RFQs and Tenders!

Market and Competitive Research

Use our database to research on past deals and how others have bidded. Use Company Reports to monitor your deal performance and identity areas for improvement. Use Competitor Watchlist and Reports to keep track of your competition and benchmark your performance against theirs.

Bid on Deals

Participate in deals relevant to your business. Remember to use your company profile as a way to showcase your work.

Build your Profile

Invite your customers to review and rate your company's work to continually build your profile.


What we track

We monitor and fuse a wide varity of tender data from the various tender host sites, including:
  • Deal description, category, and line items
  • Deal status and results, including open, close and award dates
  • Deal participants and their bids
  • Deal winners and their bids
  • Deal cancellation or no award status
Rendering Chart

What It Costs (For Suppliers. Buyers, please go here)

We provide 4 subscription based price tiers for you to choose which suits you best. We do not take any transaction fees or commissions, even if you participate in and win TenderBoard Exclusive Deals.




For companies for whom Tenders and RFQs are not critical for business.

  • Participate in TenderBoard Exclusive Open Deals
  • Participate in TenderBoard Exclusive Invited Deals
  • Manage your online Company Profile




For companies who want to stay on top of newly released RFQs and Tenders.

  • Everything in Basic +
  • Browse All Currently Live Deals
  • Alerts on Recently Released Deals
  • Participate in All TenderBoard Exclusive Deals
  • Basic Company Report




For companies who want to track awarded deals, as well as make use of competitive analysis to gain an advantage.

  • Everything in Standard +
  • Full Company Report, with competitors analysis
  • View past Deals data
  • Alerts on Recently Awarded Deals
  • Competitors Watchlist and Reports (3 competitors)




For companies for whom Tenders and RFQs are critical, and who want to run a data driven bidding process to dominate their markets.

  • Everything in Pro +
  • Competitors Watchlist and Reports (10 competitors, change 3 monthly)
  • Advanced Reports Library
  • Advanced Reporting Features

About Us

TenderBoard is a business process and data analytics company that serves the B2B market in Singapore. We combine an eProcurement System and a B2B marketplace into a single ecosystem that applies data and technology to help both Buyers and Suppliers be more effective in their procurement activities. Read more  About Us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which websites do you track?

We track more than 30 websites including GeBIZ, Ariba , Zycus, Singapore Power, Turf Club, Singapore Power, NKF, SUTD and SOTA. Instead of searching through all these sites everyday, let us know what your business interests are and receive an email in the mornings notifying you of any relevant deals that have opened in the past 24 hours. Save time, get notified!

2. What is a Company Report?

The Company Report is designed to measure a company's tendering performance. It tracks key metrics such as Success Rate, Market Share and Total Awarded Value. It also benchmarks the company's metrics to its closest competitors, providing the context to understand how the company is doing within its competitive environment.

3. What is the Competitor Watchlist?

The Competitor Watchlist allows you to add companies that you wish to track. Once added to the watchlist, you will be notified whenever that competitor has an update to its performance metrics (whenever a tender it participates in is awarded). You will also be able to view that competitor's Company Report.

4. How are you different from SESAMi?

Unlike other platforms e.g. SESAMi, TenderBoard shows you deals beyond our platform. Apart from the 80+ buyers who release deals and tenders on TenderBoard’s platform, we also track over 30 Open Tender sites so when you receive our alerts every morning, you’re seeing opportunities from various sources.

5. What is the Competitor Report?

When you add a competitor to the Competitor Watchlist, you would be able to view its Company Report as if it were your own Company Report.

6. What can I do with the Company Profile?

The Company Profile allows you to do 3 things: (i) manage your company's information and collaterals, (ii) manage and invite customers to rate and review your company, (iii) invite customers to view your Private or Public Profiles. Private Profiles can be viewed only with a one time unique link that your customers receive when you invite them to view your Private Profile. You can customize what customers see in your Private Profile.

7. Can I submit bids through TenderBoard to all deals?

You are able to submit your bids via TenderBoard for TenderBoard Exclusive Deals. For deals that are not hosted on TenderBoard, we point you to the originating site where you can complete your submission.