Contract Management

Streamline procurement processes and maximise contract utilisation with a centralised system.

Contract Management

Why Choose TenderBoard Contract Management?

Encourage and Track Utilisation

Assign contracts to users and allow usage. Track contract draw-down in real time as requests are raised and approved.

Integrated with Your Source-to-Pay

Purchases from contracts are part of your procurement workflows on the platform. Go from Contract to Purchase Orders and Invoices with just a few clicks.

Automated Reminders for Renewals

Receive contract renewal reminders before expiration for renewal negotiations. Renewed contracts are tracked in the system and ready for drawdown upon confirmation and approvals.

Contract Management Features

Centralised Contract Management

  • Manage and store your contracts or pre-negotiated price lists in a single place for users to access.
  • Create new contracts from your tenders or upload pre-negotiated contracts.
Contract Management Dashboard
Contract Form Assignment and approval

Increase Contract Utilisation

  • Reduce bottlenecks and delays with access to contracts and automated approval workflows.
  • Assign users to specific contracts to allow them access to purchase.
  • Encourage contract utilisation with easy access to raise requests and receive approvals.

Track Contract Drawdown and Renewals

  • Track contract drawdown in real time with each purchase.
  • Receive reminders of contract expiration to start renewal negotiations.
  • Analyse contracts’ utilisation data on the system to review purchases and enhance renewal negotiations.
Contract View
TenderBoard Integration

Seamless integration for Payment

  • Integrate contract management with your accounting system or ERP for seamless data transfer.
  • Tie contracts to budget codes for total budget drawdown tracking.
  • Push invoices for payment processing after approvals and reconciliation.

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