Enabling eProcurement and Supplier Discover:

  • Replace your manual procurement system with a digital and automated workflows
  • Manage your approved suppliers list, discover and qualify new suppliers.
  • Painless sourcing: get relevant and competive quotations for your deals.
  • Professional services included for a smooth procurement system roll out
TenderBoard not only reduced the time I spent on sourcing, the quotations that we received were much lower than we had budgeted for.
 Jared Yeo | Eden School
We would like to thank TenderBoard for helping us manage the procurement of our A&A contract, from the site show-round to tender evaluation and contract award. TenderBoard helped us to reduce time, cost and paperwork in selecting the right contractor and the tender was carried out with absolute transparency.
 Nandana Koh | Metta Welfare Association

What We Do

TenderBoard is an online eProcurement System and B2B Marketplace. We simplify procurement management, from raising of Purchase Requisitions, through Bid Evaluation, Approvals and issuance of Purchase Orders, everything is digitized and automated through our platform.

We take the pain out of Sourcing by automating the RFX process, and provide a proprietary tool that aids in Supplier Discovery if you need help searching for Suppliers.

Deployment is eased with our change management programme, which includes professional services to ensure a smooth roll out of your new procurement system.

eProcurement Software-as-a-Service

  • Digitize and automate the grunt work of purchasing, sourcing and approvals.
  • Supports custom approval workflows and multiple departments.
  • Centrally manage communications with Suppliers, including information dissemination and compilation of proposals
  • Compare, analyse and select the best quotations.
  • Integrate with your financial software for seamless procurement.

Advanced Supplier Discovery and Management

  • A powerful Supplier Discovery tool helps you find and qualify relevant suppliers accross all industries in a fraction of the time.
  • Centrally manage your approved Suppliers list for transparency and let the system steer your organization's purchases towards this list.
  • You choose how you buy and who you buy from:
    • Invite your existing Suppliers or use those you discover on TenderBoard.
    • Invite many suppliers or only 1 to submit a quotation for your purchases.

Marketplace for B2B Goods and Services

  • TenderBoard allows you to change the way you purchase. Instead of looking for Suppliers, you can simply create the purchase request via our eProcurement System and let the marketplace go to work.
  • Post. Watch Proposals Come In. Choose. - it's as simple as that!

How It Works


The all important first step. Get started now!

Create Your Purchase Request

Fill up a 1 page e-Purchase Request to let Suppliers know what you want. Your entire purchasing workflow, including approvals, is now digital and automated from the start!

Invite and Broadcast

You choose who participates in your deal: Invite an existing supplier, select from a curated list, or let TenderBoard's marketplace take it up (or any combination of the above!).

Sourcing Management

We handle all the grunt work to ensure a smooth sourcing process and that you get the quotations you need. Corrigenda, Communications, and Clarifications are all easily managed from your dashboard. Sit back, relax, and watch those proposals come in!

Evaluate and Award

Quotations are automatically compiled and presented in a manner that facilitates your evaluation. Route your selected proposal for approval and award to the winning supplier.

Review and Manage

Going fully digital means your entire procurement process is now easily tracked and managed, improving visibility, governance and compliance.

Successful Procurement!

What It Costs


(Per Account Per Month)

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For companies where procurement activities are managed by a single person.

  • Unlimited purchases
  • Online support
  • No custom reports
  • SMSes as an option
  • Invite-only purchases
  • Approved suppliers list
  • Data Export
  • 3rd rd party integration


(Min 3 Accounts)

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For small procurement teams that have separation of duties and authorities.

  • Unlimited purchases
  • Online and phone support
  • 2 custom reports
  • SMSes as an option
  • Invite-only purchases
  • Approved suppliers list (100 suppliers)
  • Data Export
  • 3rd party integration


(Min 20 Accounts)

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For larger procurement teams, supports multi-departments and locations

  • Unlimited purchases
  • Online support
  • 5 custom reports
  • SMSes as an option
  • Invite-only purchases
  • Approved suppliers list (300 suppliers)
  • Data Export
  • 3rd party integration

About Us

TenderBoard is a business process and data analytics company that serves the B2B market in Singapore. We combine an eProcurement System and a B2B marketplace into a single ecosystem that applies data and technology to help both Buyers and Suppliers be more effective in their procurement activities. Read more  About Us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is using TenderBoard to manage my purchases better?

TenderBoard helps you to improve your productivity by digitizing and automating your purchases and RFX events from a central location. Further, we make sourcing painless by automagically matching your purchase requests to relevant suppliers, cutting your sourcing times down to zero if you wish. Finally, have peace of mind in the management of your purchases as everything is logged and accessible via audit trails.

2. What is a purchase request?

You create a purchase request when you are looking to purchase some goods or services. It contains information about what you require and other information that suppliers typically need when providing quotations, including when you require the proposals by, who to address it to, and where items should be delievered to. Once completed, you can invite suppliers to provide quotations or let TenderBoard manage the entire sourcing process for you. Suppliers will then provide quotations based on the information they receive in the purchase request.

3. What should the value of a deal be before I use TenderBoard?

TenderBoard is designed to support deals of all sizes. We have no restrictions on deal value or how many suppliers are invited for each deal (yes, you can invite only 1 supplier if you choose to).

4. What can I do to ensure I get the best quotes?

In order to provide accurate quotes, suppliers need to understand what your needs are. The best way to do this is to provide as much information in the purchase requests as possible. If necessary, attach images or documents to your purchase requests to provide detailed specifications. Of course, do reply clarifications that suppliers may send about your requirements.

5. I am not sure about the exact details of the product I need, can I still use TenderBoard?

Sure! Buyers use us not only to manage their purchases, but also as a tool to research goods and services they are not familiar with and to get in touch with companies who might be able to help them discover appropriate solutions.

6. My suppliers are not TenderBoard subscribers, can they still participate in my deal that is hosted on TenderBoard?

Definitely! Any supplier that is invited by you via our platform, TenderBoard subscriber or not, is able to view your deal and submit their quotation on the TenderBoard platform. They can even do so without signing up with an account with us! If you have already received a quotation from them and do not wish to trouble them to submit again, feel free to forward the quote you received (whether it's an image, email, PDF, Document etc) to hello@tenderboard.biz. We'll upload their quote to the relevant deal in your account so that you can compare it with the rest of the quotations received.

7. I only need 1 quote, should I still use TenderBoard to manage my purchase?

Short answer: Yes, you should! Our system reduces your procurement overheads. Every purchase you make incurs overheads and for small value purchases, these can be a large percentage in relation to the purchase price. Further, by capturing all your spend in a single platform makes it easier for you to track and analyse your expenditure.

8. I want a quote only from a specific supplier. Should I still use TenderBoard?

Of course! TenderBoard helps you manage your purchasing regardlessly of whether you are inviting specific supplier(s) to participate in the deal or making it open to new suppliers. If you have already received a quotation from your supplier and do not wish to trouble them to submit again, feel free to forward the quote you received (whether it's an image, email, PDF, Document etc) to hello@tenderboard.biz. We'll upload their quote to the relevant deal in your account so that you can compare it with the rest of the quotations received.

9. Must I buy from your Suppliers? Do I have to award to a supplier sourced via TenderBoard?

While our platform sources quotations from relevant suppliers for you, these aren't "our suppliers". The platform recommends suppliers based on relevancy to your deal, not if they are subscribers to TenderBoard. There is no obligation to purchase from a supplier sourced via TenderBoard - however, our Terms of Use require that you award the tender through the TenderBoard platform (your chosen supplier may submit his bid to you via TenderBoard or we can help upload his quotation for you) - this will allow us to work with your supplier in future and provide them with more business opportunities.

10. Is there an obligation to buy when I create a request and receive quotes from suppliers?

No, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase. We encourage Buyers to use TenderBoard when they are seriously looking to make purchases, but they are never locked into any deal simply by issuing a purchase request or by receiving quotes.

11. Do suppliers need to pay to submit bids or if they win?

Invited suppliers do not pay to submit a bid, nor do they pay a transaction fee if they win. In fact, suppliers do not even need to register with TenderBoard to submit a bid to your deal when they are invited to participate.

12. I have evaluated the submitted proposals for my RFQ/tender. What do I do next?

Once you have selected a supplier to award the RFQ/tender to, you can award the deal through TenderBoard. When you do so, you can also attach your Purchase Order to the supplier and send them a message to arrange the follow on actions.

13. Do I need to update TenderBoard when I have awarded to a Supplier?

Yes. Our system also keeps suppliers updated of the progress.

14. I have feedback on a supplier. What should I do?

Please send all feedback and suggestions to hello@tenderboard.biz.

15. How and where do I get support?

"Our guides and tutorials section is a good source of information should you need some guidance on how to use TenderBoard. If you are facing technical difficulties, send us an e-mail at hello@tenderboard.biz and we will respond by the next Working Day. Subscribers on the Team or Office plans will be assigned an account manager for urgent support requests via phone."